June 23, 2024

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Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket “Bigi” Turns 20 Years Old

Blanket "Bigi"

It is no secret that Michael Jackson was an attentive father. In addition to keeping a close eye on his kids’ activities, he also monitored their schooling and after-school activities. Some might view this as being too overprotective of his children, but it is because of Jackson’s diligence in parenting that we have three well-adjusted adults today. And while some may be aware of the existence of Michael Jackson’s son Blanket; few know anything about the kid. Born in 2002 and given the nickname “Bigi” by The Jackson Family, little is known about Blanket “Bigi” – or “Little Michael” as many insiders call him – outside of his famous parents and big brothers. Let’s take a look at what we know about Blanket “Bigi” so far…

Who Is Blanket?

Blanket “Bigi”, also known as “Little Michael,” is the youngest child of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He was born on February 21, 2002, in Los Angeles, California. His mother is Michael’s third wife and former nurse, Deborah Rowe. “Bigi” is a combination of the words “Big” and “Little,” as he was the “little” one compared to his siblings. Blanket’s full name is Prince Michael Jackson II (or “Michael” for short). Blanket’s biological father is an unnamed man whom he has never met.

The Meaning Behind Blanket’s Name

While the name “Blanket” may seem strange to those who have never met him, the reason Michael and his family chose this name is actually quite simple. Blanket is a baby blanket, a small piece of fabric used to swaddle and keep a newborn warm. While this may seem like a strange thing to name a child, it actually makes a ton of sense when you consider the fact that Blanket is the youngest of Michael’s children. He is the one who needs protection the most and the one who needs to be swaddled and kept safe. Blanket’s name is also symbolic, as Michael’s younger children are tied to their family and to the legacy their father has left behind. They are the blanket that keeps the Jackson Family connected.

Why is Blanket Called “Blanket”?

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone name their child Blanket “Bigi”? Although it may seem odd, the Jacksons actually did have a good reason for naming their youngest child “Blanket”. In 2002, Michael and his family were either filming a commercial or doing an interview for the “One More Child” campaign. During this interview, the family was discussing their then-unborn baby.

Blanket “Bigi” was likely still in his mother’s womb and the family had yet to decide on a name for their unborn child. Michael caught a glimpse of the bright blue blanket that had been draped over his wife’s swollen belly throughout the entire interview. He stopped the interview and asked if he could hold the blanket, saying that the color reminded him of the blue skies of Neverland.

Blanket’s Cultural Influences

As the youngest of three kids, it is likely that Blanket’s formative years were strongly influenced by his older brothers’ personalities. Prince Michael Jackson II has often said that his oldest brother, Prince Michael Jackson I (or “Blanket”), is his “best friend.” The two share a very close bond and were even seen shopping together on Father’s Day in 2018!

Blanket’s Sister, Paris Jackson

Blanket “Bigi” and his sister, Paris Jackson, were very close during their early years. The pair attended school together and often spent their summers with their father at his Neverland Ranch. Paris, who is seven years Blanket’s senior, has always been extremely protective of her baby brother. Blanket and Paris even share the same birthday!

Blanket’s Brother, Prince Jackson

Prince Jackson, the second of three siblings, is five years older than Blanket “Bigi” and often acted as Blanket’s protector. When Prince was a child, he frequently played with Blanket. He even put up a basketball hoop in his home so Blanket could play with him and Paris.

What is Blanket Doing Now?

After his father’s sudden death in 2009, Blanket “Bigi” was sent to live with his grandmother who took him in and made him feel safe. Blanket was very young when his father passed away and was likely too young to remember much about him. However, it is likely that Blanket’s grandmother, Katherine, would have told her grandson stories about his father and allowed him to explore and indulge in his father’s toys and other personal belongings.

Blanket and His Music Legacy

Like his siblings, Blanket “Bigi” has inherited his father’s musical talent. In January 2019, Blanket released his first song entitled “Behind the Wall.” This song was composed by the teenaged Blanket “Bigi” in collaboration with producer and sound engineer, Hossam Ramzy. The lyrics are a call to action and an alert to his family and fans. Blanket is currently working on his first album and is also featured on his sister, Paris’, upcoming album.

Final Words

There are few people in the world who have had a childhood quite like Blanket “Bigi”. Despite growing up without a father and being forced to live a very public and very strange lifestyle. Blanket has managed to maintain a positive outlook on life. Blanket has always been extremely close with his siblings. Especially his older brother Prince, and is said to be “very focused” on his education.